About Us

Zeta en Rawdah a new addition under Padusi , is a collection of current, contemporary hijab.  Zeta en Raudah defined as Roses of Heaven; embody women of strong characteristics yet possess such feminine qualities. 

Zeta en Rawdah is an illustration of its founder, Rozita Che Wan and Ayu Rawdah. Thus, Zeta en Rawdah personifies a person of immaculate style and impeccable beauty who holds admirable persona and often regarded as successful individual in their society. 

Therefore, this collection is ideal for women who crave chic and simple yet stylish ensemble in what they wear yet seek for comfort for their clothing. Delicate workmanship, luxurious material and reasonable price, this collection is a ‘must have’ for all classy ladies out there. Follow #teamzeta for those who loves frills and elegance and #teamrawdah for those who prefers basic but classic.